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Introduction to E-visa services
Welcome to the application for Vietnamese visa. VisaVietnamonlines is pleased to announce that you belong to the countries of our Vietnam e-tourism visa program.
The electronic visa program is regulated by the Government of Vietnam and applied in the Government Decree No. 07/2017/ ND-CP dated 01/02/2017.

I. Process:
1. You provide my passport scanner and 4x6 portrait scans (you can do it right on
2. Check your information to ensure absolute accuracy, follow the step-by-step instructions at our application and pay the visa fee.
3. An electronic visa is issued for one month of entry for a period of 30 days.
4. Time to do 2-3 business days.

II. Advantages when you use a visa VietNam:
1. When you have an electronic visa you have the right to enter through one of the following international border gates:
International air gate:
International road border
International sea port.
2. You have a Vietnam visa you do not need to declare your entry and other information.
3. Fast turnaround time, convenient.
4. You do not need to pay any extra costs at the international border gate when entering Vietnam.

III. Countries where electronic visas are applied:
Citizens of 40 countries have been granted pilot e-visas including Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Ireland, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brunei, Korea, Germany, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic and Cuba. Denmark, East Timor, USA, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Mongolia, Japan, Panama, Peru, Finland, France, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Sweden China, not Uruguay, Venezuela, Norway and Slovakia.

IV. Especially note you:
1. This program applies only to Vietnamese tourist visas with a total stay of no more than 30 days.
2. The program applies only to citizens who do not have criminal records, transnational crimes, not violating the laws of Vietnam in previous visits.
3. When you are denied an electronic visa market you will not be refunded the visa fees paid to us.
4. We recommend your honesty will help us to provide you with an electronic visa.
5. When you agree on this application, you agree to our terms of service and undertake no claims of any kind.
Total service fee: 0 USD
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Vietnam visa requirements for Slovakia citizen
Vietnam visa requirements for Slovakia citizen
Vietnam visa on arrival for Slovakia citizen, Vietnam tourist visa for Slovakia citizen, Vietnam business visa for Slovakia citizen, Vietnam visa online for Slovakia citizen
Nationals of Slovakia and Slovakia passport holders apply for Vietnam visa tourist, Vietnam visa business, Vietnam visa visiting relatives very easily.  Vietnam visa on arrival get stamp visa at international airport.

There are two ways to apply for Vietnam visa.

The first: You through tourism companies in Vietnam make Vietnam visa on arival, this means that the tourism company in Vietnam will guarantee you propose your visa requirements with the Immigration Administration Vietnam. Doing this becomes extremely simple because you only need to provide us with your information on passport, visa requirements, entry time and send to our email ( or through our apps on the web: We will implement your request within 2 working days, however you can make requests faster (1 day, 1/2 day or other emergencies). Visa approval letter will be sent to you via email, on visa approval letter is represented by two language Vietnamese and English, visa approval letter has also been sent Vietnam Immigration Department to the international border by road aviation as: Noi Bai, Da Nang and Tan Son Nhat. You only need to print this letter carrying along with your passport (as airticket) to the gate in Vietnam you will get the visa stamp.
The second: You come to Vietnam embassy and apply Vietnam visa entry
Currently no Vietnam Embassy in Slovakia, so you have to go to neighboring states to apply for entry visa to Vietnam. This will take time and money, I recommend you to apply for a visa online through our website.
However you to the embassy for apply Vietnam visa will have some limitations such as: geographical distance away embassy, the visa requirements of the embassy, visa processing time is about 7 days, the embassy will not work on the 7th, Sunday and holidays.

Vietnam  visa Online system fit our customers:  remote embassy, haven't  time to embassies, visa requirements quickly, to Vietnam by air, want to avoid any bureaucratic barriers at Vietnam Embassy, saving time and money.
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warning Disclaimers: is a commercial travel service website, not Vietnamese government's. We provide visa approval letter and visa approval code for foreigners wishing to get visa stamped on arrival at airport in Vietnam or at Embassy of Vietnam abroad.
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